How do I connect Events to Salesforce Campaigns?

Campaigns serve as the basis for tracking any kind of marketing ROI in Salesforce. Read our support article to learn what Campaigns are and how to use them.

Once you've connected your EventGeek and Salesforce accounts and configured your field mapping settings, you're ready to connect Events to Salesforce Campaigns.

How to Connect Campaigns

First, create the Campaign in Salesforce. 

Note that you only need to add the Campaign Name field. EventGeek will take care of updating all other Campaign fields, as configured by the Event Info sync in your Org integration settings. 

After you've created the Campaign in Salesforce, you'll see it on the Campaign Connector in EventGeek.

You can find the Campaign Connector for each Event by going to the Event > Info > CRM tab. Then click Connect Campaign and start typing in the Campaign name to search and filter through all your Campaigns.

If the Campaign is already connected to connected to an Event, you'll see a green Connected label. There's a 1:1 relationship between Events in EventGeek and Campaigns in Salesforce, so you can only connect one Event to one Campaign and vice versa.

When you select an available Campaign from the connector dropdown menu, it will instantly connect and you'll see the Campaign name and ID, which links directly to the Campaign in Salesforce.

You'll also see the latest pull and push timestamps. EventGeek will push updates to the Campaign whenever there is an update made on a synced Event field. It will also push any new or updated Contacts or Meetings instantly, if the Contact and Meetings Syncs are enabled. 

EventGeek pulls updates from Campaigns on an hourly basis, however there is a Pull Now button if you want to see the updates in EventGeek immediately. 

Next Steps

Now that you're connecting Events to Campaigns, also learn how to sync Event Info, Contacts, and Meetings between EventGeek and Salesforce.

You can also read how to see which Events are connected to Salesforce in the Events Dashboard and on Event Lists.

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