How does Contacts Sync work?

Contacts Sync helps event and field marketers capture all of the contacts and meetings from their events and sync them to Salesforce.

If you haven't done so already, first learn how to enable the Integration for your Org. You can also read about what Campaigns are and how you should be using them.

Contacts Basics

Contacts sync with Salesforce based on the Salesforce Sync As field on the Contact. If this field is set to Lead, they will sync to the Salesforce Lead object. If set to Contact, they will sync to the Salesforce Contact object.

Contacts in EventGeek belong to your Org and can be added to multiple Events and Meetings. If a Contact is added to an event and the event is connected to a Salesforce Campaign, then the Contact will appear in Salesforce as a Campaign Member. This is the key step to tracking event ROI in your CRM.

Required fields and mapping

The following fields are required to sync a Contact from EventGeek to Salesforce:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email
  • Company (see Company<>Account link below)
  • Salesforce Sync As 

Optional fields and mapping

The following fields and a few others including social media links and address information can be optionally set up to sync with Salesforce Leads and Contacts:

  • Title
  • Main Phone
  • Mobile Phone
  • Website
  • Note (maps to Description in Salesforce)
  • Owner (EventGeek user have same email address as Salesforce user)

These field mappings can be enabled, disabled or mapped to other fields on Leads or Contacts in Salesforce. See Salesforce integration settings.

Sync direction

Contacts Sync can run from EventGeek to Salesforce. If new Leads or Contacts are added to Salesforce, they will not automatically appear in EventGeek. If updates are made to Leads or Contacts in Salesforce, those updates will not be reflected on the synced Contacts in EventGeek.

Duplicate prevention

If the Lead or Contact already exists (based on email match) in Salesforce, then the sync will not create a duplicate.

The sync will update the mapped fields on the existing Lead or Contact with any new values, including overwriting any existing values on the Notes<>Descriptions or Owner field. If you do not want to overwrite the description of Owner value on Leads or Contacts in Salesforce, please disable the sync on those fields. 

Note that if there are two or more Leads or Contacts in your Salesforce with the same email address, the sync will only update the  first Lead or Contact found.

A Salesforce ID, which links to the record, Sync Status and a Last Sync timestamp are provided on the Contact Profile

under the Contacts tab of an event connected to Salesforce for ease of identification.

Company<>Account link

Contacts must have a Company to sync with Salesforce, whether they are tagged as a Lead or Customer. 

When adding a Contact to an event, you can create a new Company or select an existing one from your Salesforce Accounts. The 🔄icon is shown next to Companies linked with Salesforce Accounts.

Company is set automatically when you add a Contact via Leads Inbox, though it can be updated at any time.

Campaign Members

To add a synced Contact as a Member of a Campaign, connect the event with the Campaign on the Event Info > CRM tab.

Note that a Contact does not need to be associated with a Campaign-connected event for the sync to run. The sync will run as long as the Contact has the required fields populated (see Required).

If the Contact is subsequently added to a Campaign connected with an event, then the sync will re-run, adding the Contact to the Campaign.

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