How do I send Post-Event Surveys?

You can send Post-Event Surveys to gather feedback from the Event Staff who attended or helped to plan an event.

Note that you can also send Post-Meeting Surveys, which are designed to gather feedback from reps after meetings.

You can compare events by average survey score and analyze across event type, role and other event info details in your Team Settings and Reporting.

Sending Post-Event Surveys

To send a Post-Event Survey, go to the ROI tab in an event, click Send Survey and select the Staff Members you want to send it to. 

If a collaborator you want to send the Survey to isn't on your team yet, you can add them as a member and send them a Survey in one step by clicking Add Staff Member. Note that you can send a Post-Event Survey to any team member, but not to Contacts

Post-Event Surveys provide a consistent and reliable way to get fast feedback across all of your events, so the customization options are limited.

There is a three minute delay between when you select a team member and when the survey is emailed.

Responding to Surveys

When you send a Post-Event Survey to a team member, they will receive a mobile-friendly email asking for a Net Promoter Score for the event, i.e. "On a Scale of 1 - 10, how likely are you to recommend that your company do this or a similar event again?"

When the respondent clicks a score, they are taken to a Survey landing page where they can (optionally) submit a comment. This page is also optimized for mobile conversion.

Reviewing Survey responses

Responses will appear the Survey tab immediately. The average score in the upper-right corner is a mean average - simply the total score divided by the number of respondents.

To read longer comments, click on the comment to see the full text.

Comparing Survey responses

By going to your Team Settings and clicking the ROI tab, you can compare events by Survey score. You can also group Survey results by Event Type and Role, and you can set filters for Dates and Templates.

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