How do I set up and track Meetings for my Events?

Meetings are an important part of many trade shows, conferences and other B2B events. Many companies utilize meetings to engage customers and prospects and drive sales.

With EventGeek Meetings, you can plan meetings for your sales team, customers and more. You can also sync Meetings with Salesforce CRM to track how your events help to close deals.

This article will cover the following points: 

  • Create a new Meeting
  • Date and Time
  • Location Types
  • Participants
  • Meeting Briefings

Creating a new Meeting

To create a new Meeting, go to the Meetings tab inside of an existing Event and click Add Meeting. 

Meetings have the following components.

  • Title*
  • Date
  • Start and/or End Time
  • Location Type
  • Location
  • Description
  • Attachments
  • Participants
  • Note

Note that Title is required. 

Date and Time

Meetings with a Start and/or End Time will trigger a reminder email to reply with Notes that is sent to Team Members. 

Location Types

Meetings can have Locations, which can be either plain Text or Map geolocation.

Text Locations are just a string of text, often useful for identifying rooms inside of venues, such as the "Blue Room" or "Executive Briefing Center - 8A."

Map Locations search Google Maps for venues and street addresses, for example at a hotel near the Event.

When using a Map Location, your Meeting Briefings (see below) will link to a Google Maps screenshot.


Meetings can have Participants, who can be either Team Members or Contacts.

  • Team Members are users on your Team in EventGeek and can have Roles. Note that you can add Team Members to Meetings without requiring them to sign up first.
  • Contacts are not users. They are only records of individuals.

Only Teammates receive the Notes reminder.

Meeting Briefings 

Meeting Briefings present all of the Meeting info (except the Note) in a nicely designed format that's easy to share.

You can export Meeting Briefings as PDFs or Google Docs. 

Adding Meeting to Calendar

You can choose to add your Meeting to Calendar from the menu on the right. You can choose from Google, Outlook or iCal options. 

From the same menu, you can also choose to duplicate or delete your meeting. 

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