How do I add Meetings to an Event?

Meetings are an important part of any Event. You can use Meetings in EventGeek to manage internal planning meetings, as well as meetings on-site between company reps, leads and customers.

How do I add Meetings to an Event automatically?

To add a Meeting to an Event automatically, an Org Admin first needs to set up a Connect Calendar to send Meetings from an external calendar into EventGeek. This is called Meetings Inbox.

Once an external calendar has been connected to your Org, you can simply add to any calendar invite and it will be automatically added to EventGeek and matched to the correct Event.

The matching can be easily updated in Meetings Inbox.

How do I add Meetings to an Event manually?

To add a Meeting to an Event manually, go the Meetings tab in the event and click the Add Meeting button. Note that you will need Full Access to the Event to create or delete a Meeting.

How do I add Contacts and Members to a Meeting?

Meetings have Participants, who can be either Contacts or Org Members. You would typically add Members only to internal planning Meetings and both Members and Contacts to on-site sales Meetings.

How do I enable Meetings to appear on Event Briefs?

Org Admins can enable Meetings to appear on Event Briefs from Org Reports & Settings.

Meetings can appear as Schedules within Event Briefs, as well as within the Meetings Summary section.

Event Briefs can be downloaded as a PDF or Google Doc and feature your Org or Team logo, font, colors and much more.

How do I export Meeting Briefs as a PDF or Google Doc?

Individual Meetings can be exported as a PDF or Google Doc.

You can export all the Meetings in an event into one master PDF or Google Doc, as well. The exported PDF or Doc will feature the Org or Team's logo, font and colors.

How do I export a Meeting to an external calendar?

Individual Meetings can be exported to an external calendar, such as Outlook or Google Calendar.

Note that Meetings must have a Date and Time to be exported to external calendars.

Exporting to Microsoft Outlook downloads an ICS file with the Meeting Title, Description and Location. 

Exporting to Google Calendar opens a new tab in Google Calendar with the Meeting info.

How do I sync Meetings to CRM?

Sales Meetings can be synced to a CRM by enabling the CRM Integration and then adding an external Contact to a Meeting.

Meetings will be synced as Activities on the Contact, with the Meeting Notes added to the Activity Description field.

Note that the Contact must have the required Name, Email and Company fields to sync.

When the event to which the Meeting belongs is connect to a CRM Campaign, the Meeting will be associated as a Campaign Activity.

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