How does the Sidebar work?

The Sidebar helps you quickly navigate through your Events and Teams, as well as access your Account Settings, Org Reports & Settings and more.

Open & Close the Sidebar

The Open & Close let you hide the Sidebar when working inside Events. It appears when you hover your cursor over the Sidebar.

Profile Menu

The Profile Menu underneath your avatar has your Account Settings, Support Center links and sign out option.


The Inbox can hold Leads, Meetings, Attachments, Event Requests and more for your events. The number of pending items in your Inbox will appear over the Inbox icon when you hover over it with your cursor.

Org Reports & Settings

In Org Settings you can view and manage Org Members, Contacts, Budgets, Event Imports, Publishing, Settings, Integrations and Billing. Org Admins have full access to all tabs in the Org Settings. Non-Admins have access to the Org Members, Contacts, Budgets and Billing tabs.


Notifications share your Team's activity while creating and managing events. You can also receive them from the Activity Summary Email Subscription

Quick Add Button

The Quick Add Button lets you quickly add events, Teams and Members. Note only Org Admins will see the option to Create New Team.

Event Search provides quick access to your upcoming or past events. You can search by event name or keyword.

My Tasks

My Tasks is where you can see all of your assigned Tasks. By default they are filtered for open status and listed by nearest due date. 

My Events

Click My Events to see only those Events where you're on the Event Staff and have access to.

You can also filter the Events Dashboard by other Event Staffers.

All Events

Click All Events in the Sidebar to sell all the Events that you have access to, including Upcoming and Past.

Upcoming Events

Click Upcoming Events in the Sidebar to see all of the Events you have access to. 
The Upcoming filter also includes that don't have dates. Learn how to customize columns and filters in your Events Dashboard.
Upcoming Events is the default homepage, which you can update in your Account Settings.


Upcoming events are organized by Teams in the Sidebar. Clicking on a Team name will take you to an Events Dashboard, filtered for that Team's upcoming events.
On left side of each Team name, there are ▶▼ triangle icons you can click to open or close each Team's upcoming events, like a folder.
On the right side of each Team name, there's a ⚙️gear icon, which takes you to Team Reporting and Settings.
You can rearrange the Teams in the Sidebar into your preferred order by clicking and dragging the Team name. The updated order will appear in your Sidebar only and not that of your teammates.

If you need to delete a Team, contact us.

Within each Team, there is a list of upcoming events, including event name, dates, city, state and country.

On the left side of each event, the event status is shown as a circle. If the circle is filled in, the event has a status of committed. If the circle is empty, the status is either considering or skipping.

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