How do I customize my view of the Events Dashboard by adding, removing and filtering columns?

You can customize your view of the Events Dashboard by adding, removing and filtering columns. You can also download the current view in a CSV spreadsheet format or bookmark these views for easy access later.

Learn more about customizing the available event info columns in Org Settings.

You can also view your events on a calendar or map.

How to add or remove Dashboard columns

To add or remove columns within the Events Dashboard, click the Column Dropdown Menu in the upper right. Your column selections will set your default view.

The column options are organized into several sections. 

  • Team contains the Team Name an event belongs to
  • Basics contains event info like Event Name, Dates, Types, Roles and more
  • Location contains venue and address information
  • Focus contains Topics, Audiences, Series, Industries, Organizers, Estimated Attendees and Actual Attendees
  • Floor Plan contains Booth # and Dimensions
  • Territory contains Geos, Areas and Regions
  • Partners contains Partners and Partner Types
  • Checklist will show your progress on event Tasks
  • ROI contains Survey Score, Leads and Meetings, as well as automatically calculated Cost Per Lead and Cost Per Meeting
  • Goals contains customizable Goals
  • Budget contains Planned and Actual Budget totals
  • CRM contains Sync Status, Last Sync and Salesforce ID
  • Request Forms contains Forms, who Forms were submitted by, submitted date, and Request status
  • Custom contains any custom values set by your Org Admins within Org Settings

You can customize the values that appear on event info and Goals within Org Settings.

How to filter Dashboard columns

In the Events Dashboard, open the filters menu by clicking the Filter Dropdown Menu in the upper right. The number next to the menu indicates the number of filters currently applied.

You can filter your events by the values in the columns, by Date, Type, Territory, Industry, etc.

How to download your Dashboard view as a CSV spreadsheet

Click the actions menu in the upper right to download a CSV spreadsheet of the current view you've set with filters and columns.

Using bookmarks to save Dashboard views

You can use your browser's built-in bookmarks feature to save views of the Events Dashboard.

Each update you make to filters will edit the page URL, so when you have filters set to a view you would like to save, save it as a bookmark. You can then click the bookmark to return to that specific view at any time.

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