How do Tasks work?

Tasks are the building blocks of Event Checklists and Sections.

How do I view all of my Tasks in one place?

To see all of your assigned Tasks in one place, click on the My Tasks tab at the top of the sidebar.

The default view will show your upcoming open Tasks, sorted by Due Date, across all of your Events.

You can sort and filter My Tasks by Event, Due Date, Tag and Status.

Who can create, delete and update Tasks?

Org Members with Full Access to an event can create, delete and update Tasks for that event.

Limited Access Event Staff cannot create or delete Tasks, but they can update Task Status when they're assigned to that Task. They can also add Comments and Attachments to their assigned Tasks.

How do I create a Task?

To create a new Task, in the Checklist view, click the blue Add Task button. Then you can add a Task name, Due Date, Assignee(s) or add to a Section.

To save, press enter on your keyboard or click the blue check mark in the lower right.

How do I add a Task to a Section?

To add a Task to a Section when first creating the Task, go to the right of the new Task panel and click Add to Section.

A dropdown box will appear with previously created Sections plus an option to Create New Section.

To transfer a Task to a Section after the Task has already been created, click and drag the Task into the target Section.

How do I add a Description to a Task?

To add a Description to a Task, first open the Task by clicking on the Task name in the Checklist. Then click the empty space above Comments & Activity. 

In the Description edit mode, you can use text formatting options to bold, italicize, create ordered or unordered lists, add emojis and links. To save, click the blue checkmark in the lower right.

How do I add a Due Date to a Task?

There are a few options for adding Due Dates to Tasks. You can add a Due Date when creating the Task, as seen above. You can also add a Due Date to a Task that's already in the Checklist, as seen below.

You can select multiple Tasks at once by using the checkboxes on the left of each Task name and the multiselect actions panel.

You can also click on a Task in the Checklist to open it and add a Due Date.

How do I Assign a Task?

You can assign a Task when creating it, as shown above. You can also assign a Task from the Checklist or the individual Task view, as seen below.

To assign multiple Tasks at once, click the checkboxes next to the Task names and use the multiselect actions panel.

How can I remind an Assignee to start a Task?

In addition to adding Due Dates, you can also Add Reminders to start Tasks. To do this, click into the individual Task view and select Reminder to start from the righthand menu. Next, select the date when the Assignee should begin the Task.

The Assignee will now receive an automated Email Notification on the date you have selected.

How do I send Task Assignment Notifications and Reminders automatically over email?

When you assign a Task, the Assignee will automatically receive Email Notifications and Reminders.

Note that you will not receive an Email Notification if you have assigned a Task to yourself but you will receive automatic Reminders about that Task.

If a Task hasn't been marked as completed by the Due Date, the Assignees will automatically receive Reminder emails 3 days before, 1 day before and 2 days after the Assignment is due. They will also receive a Reminder email if you have set a "Reminder to start" Date for a Task.

How do I mark a Task as completed?

As an Assignee or Admin, you can mark a Task as Completed from the Checklist or individual Task view by clicking the check box next to the Task. Tasks currently have two Statuses: Open or Completed. 

Assignees can also reply to Task Assignment Notifications and Reminders with the single word "completed" to check-off the Task from their email inbox.

Note that only the the Assignee of the Task, and Org Admins, can update the Task Status.

How do I follow a Task to get Notifications when it's updated?

To follow a Task, click on the signal icon in the upper right of the individual Task view. When following a Task you will receive Notifications when it is updated with a new Status, Comment, or other action or change. 

Assignees are set to automatically follow Tasks.

How do I add Tags to a Task?

Tags are another way to organize your Tasks. You can filter by Tag in Checklists. Tags are customizable and managed by Org Admins.

You can add Tags to Tasks from the Checklist or Task view.

How do I add Subtasks?

You can add Subtasks to break up larger Tasks into smaller units of work. To add a Subtask, click into the Task view and then click to add Subtasks.

Subtasks can be given Due Dates and Assigned. Assignees will receive email Notification and Reminders on open Tasks around Due Dates.

You can drag-and-drop to reorder Subtasks on a single Task, just like reordering Tasks and Sections on a Checklist.

How do I add Dependencies to a Task?

You can set up your Tasks to be Dependent on other Tasks and warn Members that certain Tasks should be completed before others. To add a Dependency, click into the Task view and then click to add Dependencies.

You can set a "blocked by" or "blocks" relationship between two Tasks and search for the other Task by name.

Note that Tasks with open Dependencies can still be marked as Completed. Only a warning will be shown in this case.

How do I add Attachments to a Task?

You can drag-and-drop files from your desktop onto a Task and it will automatically upload. If the Task is in a Section, it will also appear on the Attachments tab in an automatically-created folder named after that Section.

You can also add Attachments from file sharing services, like Google Drive, Dropbox, Box and OneDrive, or add a link.

How do I delete a Task?

There are two ways you can delete Tasks. You can click the trash can icon on the right of the Task row in the Checklist view.

You can also delete a Task from the individual Task view by clicking the trash can icon in the upper right.

Note that only Org Members with Full Access to Events can delete Tasks.

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