How do I create an Event?

There are a few different ways you can create a new Event depending on your access levels. 

Org Admins, Team Members and Event Staff (Full Access) that are also a member of a Team, can all create new Events. Event Staff (Limited Access) cannot create a new Event but they can Request an Event.

Creating a new event 

You can click the ➕ plus sign at the top of the sidebar and click Create New Event.

You can also click Create New Event at the top left of the All Events or Upcoming Events dashboards.

Create new event window

In the Create New Event window you can add basic Event Info: Event Name, Team, Leader, Types, Roles, Website, Start and End Dates and Location. You can make multiple selections for Types and Roles and can edit your options for these fields within Org Settings. Your Location needs to be one that can be found by Google Maps.

Click + Add more details. Now you can also add Organizers, Series, Audiences, Topics, Estimated Attendees and Booth #. You can make multiple selections for Organizers, Series, Audiences and Topics and can edit your options for these fields within Org Settings.

Lastly, at the bottom of the Create New Event window you can choose to add a Checklist Template. You can read how Checklist Templates work.

When you click Save, the new Event will be created and you can find it in your All Events dashboard or Upcoming Events dashboard depending on the start dates. You can add or edit those Event Info details within the Event.

Importing a csv of Events

You can also create new Events by importing Events from a spreadsheet.

Submitting Event Request Forms

You can create and share Event Request Forms to allow your team to submit Event Requests in a streamlined process. New Event Requests create new Events automatically, with the Event Status set to Considering until you approve or decline the Request.

In the Event Request Form builder under Settings you can scroll down to Publishing Options and check the box that reads "Show a link to this event request form to Members who don't have permission to create Events". 

Once that box is checked a blue Request an Event button will appear in your Events Dashboard. Event Staff (Limited Access) will now be able to view that button and Request an Event.

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