How do I invite my team?

Inviting members of your Org to join EventGeek is a crucial part of your account setup. This article will review:

How do I invite Team Members?

To add a new Org Member, click the ➕ at the top of the sidebar and select  Add New Member. There are several options for adding Org Members to teams and events with different Permission sets. Be sure to learn about different Permissions before inviting your Team.

You can also read about how to add Team Members by importing a csv file or how to create a Team.

EventGeek Welcome Email

When you add a new Org Member, they'll receive a welcome email with a link to confirm their account and set a password.

Note that Org Members invited as "No Access" don't receive any email from EventGeek, including this welcome email.

Read our article on what to do if your team isn't getting EventGeek emails if you are experiencing issues with this.

Setting a password

Clicking Join The Team in the welcome email takes the new Org Members to a page where they can set their password and sign in. 

Note that confirming an account (i.e. setting a password and logging in) isn't required to start collaborating on EventGeek. For example, when you assign a Task, the assignee will begin receiving assignment notifications, even if they haven't confirmed their account.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

If your Org has SSO enabled, your Members can skip setting a password and sign in with their regular company credentials.

You can read more about SSO and how to set it up for your Org here.

How do I resend an invite to a Team Member who hasn't confirmed their account?

You can see whether a Team Member has confirmed his or her account under the Invite Status column in Org Reports & Settings > Org Members. If you need to resend an invitation email to a Team Member, you can do that by scrolling to the right and selecting the actions menu, then clicking Resend invite.

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