How do I create and manage event Schedules?

Create Schedules for your team and collaborators so to reference for the day of the event. Schedules break down the days of the event into an hour-by-hour or even minute-by-minute plan. 

You can add travel and meetings to Schedules with just one click. 

It's also easy to share Schedules over landing page, email, calendar and more.

Each Schedule has days, items and participants. You can add any number of days, items and participants to Schedules. 

You can create up to five Schedules and view them side-by-side on a grid with the Schedule Grid View.

Creating Schedules

To create a new Schedule, click the blue ā˛•button in the Schedule tab of an event. The newly created Schedule has a default name ("Schedule"). 

You can edit the Schedule name by double clicking on it. You can also set a default Schedule name in your Team Settings

To add schedule items, first click Add Day and select the first day of the Schedule.

You can add a title to that day of the Schedule. You can then add Schedule items, or add additional Schedule days.

When you add a Schedule item, you can give the item a title, description, location and participants. Currently participants must be teammates, but the ability to add Contacts to Schedules is on our roadmap.

To add another day, click Add Day.

As you add and edit Schedule days and items, they will move around dynamically to fall into the correct chronological order.

Personalizing & sharing Schedules

To personalize a Schedule for a participant, select their name from the Filter by Participant dropdown menu. The filter will remove any days or items which don't have the teammate as a participant. 

If this participant has travel arrangements, you can automatically add them to the Schedule with the Include travel dropdown menu.

As a final step, you can use any of the sharing options to share this participant's personalized Schedule. Schedules can also be shared and personalized using Event Briefs.

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