How do I create a new event with a Checklist Template?

When you create a new event, there's an option to Add a Checklist at the bottom of the window.

1. Select Checklist type

First, you need to select what type of Checklist you want to use: either a Community Template made by EventGeek or the Checklist from a Previous Event made by your Org.

2. Select Checklist

If you selected Community Template, select a Checklist from the list.

If you selected Previous Event, select the event from which you want to copy the Checklist.

If your team has saved events to use as Checklist Templates, they will appear at the top of the list with "[Template]" as the first part of the event name.

3. Set due dates based on event start date (optional)

If you selected Previous Event to import your Checklist, you can copy over the timeline from the Checklist and set the due dates for the tasks and subtasks based on the event start date.

Note that both events, the Template and the one you're about to create, need to have start dates to select this option.

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