How can I manage my team with Staffing reports?

The Staffing tab provides high-level reporting on your team's utilization. With Staffing you can see your teammates' workload and you can drill into how many Events and Tasks they've been assigned over a calendar view. 

The Staffing tab provides answers to the following questions:

  1. What do the next X days, weeks and months look like in terms of Events and workload?
  2. Who on my team has excess or limited bandwidth?
  3. Who on my team is typically (not just currently) behind schedule with their tasks? Ahead of schedule?

Accessing the Staffing tab

To get to the Staffing tab, go to the Team tabs by clicking on the gear icon next to the Team name in the sidebar. 

Note that the Staffing tab is only accessible to teammates with Admin, Team Member or Full Access Roles.

Heatmap View

The Staffing tab's default view is a heatmap chart showing all of the Teammates in the Team on the left axis and their assigned tasks over the upcoming days and weeks on the top axis. 

The number of days in the top axis adapts to your browser screen size. There are arrows to move forward or backward through the upcoming and past weeks. 

Each Teammate has their own row consisting of counts of their assigned Tasks that are due on days in the view. Only Tasks with due dates appear in the heatmap view. The count is visualized as a number and a shade of green. The darker the green, the more tasks that the Teammate is assigned for that day.

The count (both number and shade) correspond to the due date of the Tasks. The count does not represent the Task's duration, even if the Task's duration is set to more than one day. In other words, the counts represent Task due dates and not durations.

List View

The Staffing List View shows total counts for all Events and Tasks for all Teammates. There is a date range filter which defaults to the upcoming month.

You can click into any Teammate's row to see the actual names of the Tasks and Events represented in the counts. The individual Teammate List View also includes filters for Tags, Status and Date Range.

You can get to the List view by clicking any Teammate name or Task count in the heatmap view. This will produce the List View with the corresponding Teammate and date range filters.

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