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Watch a live or recorded training webinar

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Quick answers to frequently asked questions

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Org Reports & Settings

Set up your Org for streamlined collaboration.

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Team Reports & Settings

Set up your Team Settings for streamlined collaboration.

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Events Dashboard

Learn how to navigate the Events Dashboard.

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Publishing Event Lists

Customize and share your Event Lists with your team.

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Publishing Event Briefs

Customize and share your Event Briefs with your team.

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Event Requests Forms

Create and share Event Request Forms to receive and respond to suggested Events.

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Event Info

Add Type, Role, Territory, Floor Plans and custom fields to organize your events.

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How to use tasks and assignments and keep everyone on track

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Checklist Templates

Create checklists from Templates and set due dates to event start dates

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Daily Timeline with Travel and Meetings

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Briefings, Notes and Salesforce Sync

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Group Planning, Schedules & Expenses

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Track inventory and shipments with real-time updates from FedEx, UPS and more.

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Planned vs. Actual, Invoices, Reporting

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Leads, Meetings, Goals & Surveys

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Leads, Customers, Vendors and more

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Lead Capture

Capture leads from events and sync to your CRM

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Salesforce CRM Integration

Sync Leads, Meetings and more with Campaigns

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Event Notes

Add free form notes, images and text formatting to your Events and Event Briefs

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Upload and 3rd Party Integrations

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Team Inbox

How to capture notes, leads, meetings and more through email forwarding

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Learn how to manage access Permissions for your team and company

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Single Sign-On (SSO)

How to setup SSO with your IT team using Okta or another SAML provider

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Account Settings

Update account info, reset your password, manage emails and set your homepage.

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Calendar Integration

Integrate with Outlook, Google and more.

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Learn how to use EventGeek on mobile and iOS devices.

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Check out our public roadmap

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Subscription plans explained

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